Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've decided to let Sammy put up the rest of the agility pictures.  Agility is too much like work for me, obedience is more my style, especially the long sits and downs!

Rio, Glacier, Me, and Jake on the long sit.

Glacier and me on the long down.  Rio and Jake kept popping up so they are not in the picture

And then we got to sit again.

I don't compete anymore, but before I retired, I earned my CGC, my CD, Rally Novice and Rally Advanced, plus passed my therapy dog certification.   Glacier didn't start any obedience until he was over 8 years and earned his Rally Novice title.

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Anonymous said...

Now I have a little Dad worship!
Maybe I could be a therapy dog?! (not sure what that is!) Obedience? I'm pretty good, if it's my idea but..... I am going to be 2 soon and getting the paper and taking out the trash is getting old! I need higher education. I'm going to give it some thought. Sure would like to be like you!