Monday, September 27, 2010

Slacking Off

Guess I have not been diligent about keeping up with my blog.  Part of it was due to my having to stay in the kennel because my PA took Sammy, Sandie, Zoe, Pumpkin and Bailey off to a dog show at Purina Farms.  Ms. Sandie did very well and picked up some additional points towards her championship.  Good job Sandie.  I hear Pumpkin and Bailey did very well for their first time at a big show.  Pumpkin went along just for fun as she will be leaving for her new home in California and her own big sister, Darby, who is my daughter and Sammy's sister.

I haven't been to a dog show for a long time.  I retired from the show ring about 5 years ago.  I don't miss it that much (not like Glacier, who is almost 12 and wants to get in the car every time my PA leaves for a show), but I do miss the fun of being in the motel and sleeping on the bed and getting bully sticks to chew on.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Still Behind the Eight Ball

After fixing the problem with my and Sammy's blog, my personal assistant (I like that better than my human), is still behind the eight ball trying to catch up on dog emails, work, grading, keeping up our home, ad nauseum.  Yesterday was the 4-H County Fair Dog show, so Sammy and the puppies, plus Mystique, were loaded up along with the requisite crates, mats, water bowls, and agility equipment.  Why am on telling you all this--well because she got home after 8 p.m. and had to unload the car,  I had to SPEND THE NIGHT IN THE KENNEL!!!!  Sheesh.

Oh well, I think I will be coming in tonight.  She needs me to guard the bed at night.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Back-So to Speak

Well this has been a crazy day.  It seems that Blogspot wasn't to thrilled that Sammy and I had blogs emanating from the same email address.  So I had to delete my words of wisdom on the old blog (and the pictures), and create a new blog from a different email address.  I hope all this tomfoolery works.  My human is extremely frustrated right now. So for right now, since I am not at home, I have attached some early pictures of Buddy.
I think all of these were at four weeks of age.

The last one is Buddy, Darby, Sammy, and Holly scarfing down dinner.  Enjoy