Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My boy Buddy left a comment that he would like to see more agility pictures, so here goes:

Here is the agility field my PA built:

Here are some shots of Mystique going through the tire:

More pictures tomorrow.  (My PA is tired and frustrated trying to put all these pictures in)


Boo's Mom said...

Your PA did a great job putting all the photos in. She is more creative than I am--I had so much trouble early on that I gave up and only put photos in the center! Your PA also did a great job of creating the agility field. I am impressed. She has also inspired me to look at the "bag o' agility" or the instructions she gave me again and get off my duff.

Rocco said...

You can thank Buddy. He wanted to see more pictures. Tommorrow there will be some pictures of some of the other dogs around here that do agility.


Anonymous said...

LUV the pictures! Thanks Dad!
This is fun!