Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Obviously Sammy needs something to do.  He has been running that silly contest (although I guess he has had some responses).  Ever since he has been staying home while Bailey, Sandie and Zoe go to shows, he doesn't know what to do with himself.   He hasn't learned the fine art of being a "couch potato".  There isn't anything to herd here, except other cardigans, and I don't think he can learn to dust and vacuum which would be a great help to our PA.

Maybe he could learn to do agility like Mystique.  But that would be just one more thing my PA would have to do (as if she doesn't have enough to do with all of us).  Hey, Darbs and Pumpkin--have you been doing any backyard agility yet?

Mystique taking the double bar jump
If any of you have any ideas on something for Sammy to do, let me know.


Boo's Mom said...

Hey, Rocco. I like Sammy's contest! Even though I only guessed right once! Darby and Pumpkin haven't done any backyard agility for real yet; I keep vacillating on ordering a set or making pieces myself. (Glenn is working on his Porsche restoration now that he has his new hip and can't be dragged away to cut PVC for me, although I guess I could do it myself...) I have been trying to teach Pumpkin "tunnel" with a cardboard box, but she doesn't stay interested very long. I think that is my issue not hers--I need to structure the time a little better, put Darby away with a nice bone to chew so Pumpkin can concentrate on me.

itsmebuddy said...

I loved the contests! I wish I could do agility. Between you and me, my PA can't keep up with me! Mystique has great form! Love seeing the picture. Got some more?!