Wednesday, February 9, 2011


If you have stopped by Sammy's blog, you probably already know that it is snowing again, and my PA's university has called off classes for the sixth time this semester.  Will spring ever get here?

Sammy reported on the results of the dog show, but he didn't add the pictures from the ring.  I guess he was leaving something for me to report.  So here are some pictures of Sandie and Bailey in the ring.

Sandie on the move

Look Ma, no feet on the floor!

On the down and back.

Bailey on the down and back.

And around the ring we go!
 As it is only 7:00 a.m., I suppose we will have to stay in the kennel for a while so my PA can get some work done.  But I bet she let's us come in the house soon so she won't have to tromp out to the kennel in the snow to let us out for potty breaks.  It is easier to open the back door and let us out in the yard :-).


Anonymous said...

Hi! Dad! It's me Buddy! Wow! Those guys look terrific. Bailey is sure strutting his stuff! You did a good job with him! Hope my puppy trains as well! He has a lot to live up to. Hoping Spring comes soon. It's coming and going here but not as extreme as yours. We have warm middle of days and cold nights but lots of sun! It gets pretty hot on my back! We walk early while it's cool!

Boo's Mom said...

Pumpkin would be proud of her kin! Good for you! That four-off-the-floor is really something!