Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We had a couple of really nice days, sunny and warm.  But once again we are under a winter storm warning, with ice and snow expected.  The temperatures are going to drop to almost 2 degrees at night.   I am confused, I thought I lived in the South!

Today was another snow day at the university, that's five in the last four weeks.  It makes it hard for my PA to keep her classes going (and it is difficult for the student's too--though most like having snow days).

All of us are back in the house tonight, and probably tomorrow night too.  I hope it clears up soon, as Bailey, Sandie, and Zoe are supposed to go to a dog show this weekend.

Fancy, Vickie, Zoe

Mom Jolee, Me, and Susie peeking around the couch

Glacier, (in crates--Sammy, Bailey, Sandie)

Mystique and Princess

Miss Susie Q is having a Birthday tomorrow!


Boo's Mom said...

Wow! What a full house! I hope you all stay nice and warm and your power stays on. Tell that PA of yours to be careful outside on the slippery ice.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I could there with you guys! We could have a party! That is some good-looking family of corgis! Stay warm!